ConverseConverse shoes. The last cool person to wear them was Marty McFly (remember ‘Back To The Future‘?), but now the Chuck Taylor shoe is enjoying a bit of a revival. The good thing is even if you’re not a fan of the actual shoe design, you can still waste a good couple of hours creating your own style on their website, complete with drag and drop lettering.  Just click the 'Chuck Taylor' link on the converse homepage to start the fun! ‘Coming soon’ is the chance to actually buy what you create (we'll keep you updated on that). We’re not sure we’d wear our awful creation, though we had fun designing it. Next time mayble we'll stick to just writing about shoes, though?!

UPDATE: The customising service is now working completely, with the chance to buy the shoes you design (US only). For more information and the direct link, click here.