LacebootLace-up boots. They’re a little bit ‘Victoriana‘, a little bit 'horsey sloane', and a little bit ‘your gran‘. Whichever category you think they fall into, they’re the designer boot du jour and they’re a good alternative to Uggs or Mukluks (them again!) if you like your boots more streamlined and feminine. These heeled ones ('Vase', $159.99 from Nine West) are a good modern take on the look, and work well worn over skinny jeans with a gypsy top (no poncho though, there is such thing as overkill). Don’t make the mistake of wearing these on a hot date or (our version of a hot date) a shoe-shopping trip, though. It’ll all end in tears when you try to undo the laces.

Nine West shoes are available in the UK at House Of Fraser.