Mukluk2You’ve got your Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket, but what should you spend it on? Well judging by the amount of you who’ve told us off for disliking Mukluks, you want big fluffy boots to keep you warm for the rest of winter (just like Kate Moss, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and everyone else in celeb-land). But where can you buy them online? We’ve searched for the best stockists of the cult rabbit fur mocassin-based boot (and it’s more animal-friendly fakes). Many sites stocking the genuine article still have waiting lists or are sold out, but keep checking back for new stock and you might get lucky.

Read on for the stockists list (it's far too long to put on the main page!)


It’s worth trying smaller Canadian manufacturers, as they make good quality Mukluks but aren’t pandering to fashionistas just yet, so you can sometimes get a bargain if they ship internationally.

Genuine Mukluks $395 at Girshop
Genuine Mukluks £325 at Browns (arriving in Jan)
Genuine Mukluks £325 / $614 at Net a Porter (currently sold out)
Genuine Mukluks $395 at Kitson (next shipment 14th Feb)
Genuine Mukluks $475 at Personal Shoper
Large selection of Canadian-made Mukluks for around $200 US

Miz Mooz Eskimo Mukluk $ 115 at Shoe Parlor
Sa-Cinn Authetic Mukluks $299 CA (April '05 delivery)


Steve Madden ‘Eskimmo’ $149.95
Faux Fur & Suede effect boots £40 from ASOS

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS: Mukluk search Mukluk search Mukluk search (often your best bet)