Lea01 Those actresses who avoided the classic court at the Golden Globes went for one shoe style only. Be they gold, silver or bronze, anyone who was anyone this year had their pedicures poking out from strappy metallic sandals. And we mean 'anyone'! Halle, Uma, Minnie, Hilary, Naomi, Kate, Diane, Mischa and the absolutely stunning Terri Hatcher (in our opinion, only beaten by Cate Blanchett for the 'dress of the night' gong) all went for this look. We particularly loved Nancy O'Dell's blinging silver choice, and Virginia Madsen went for Moroccan gold, so gorgeous. Copying this trend on a budget is easy - every shoe sale going has got sparkly sandals going cheap, so snap them up while you can. Alternatively, try this bargain gold mule from Go Jane, the Lea-01 for an amazing $15.99.