HoganFinding the perfect pair of daytime boots is difficult. Furry ones are fun but you're limited as to what you can wear with them, and slouchy suede ones are about as much use as a chocolate teapot as soon as it starts raining. Heels look both smart and sexy, but they also hurt your feet. What a girl really needs is a leather pair with flat soles. The problem with that is avoiding looking like a man (or a very butch woman). These boots from Hogan ($539), though buckled in a biker-ish style, jumped out at us instantly. We can just picture them being worn with jeans, a gypsy top and gilet, and the kind of floppy hat that your mates would laugh at but Sienna Miller would love. They'd also look great with opaque tights and a mini. The final deciding factor? If anyone told you they didn't like your boots, you could kick them and it would hurt!