Laces You’ve designed your own chucks, but now you’re twiddling your thumbs while you wait for Converse to actually start making up your designs. As a consolation, why not buy yourself a pair of All-Stars (we like the pink ones for £34.99) scribble all over them in biro and ‘customise’ them by adding some novelty shoelaces, in the manner of an 80s popstar? They might not be to everyone's taste, but crazy laces are making a big comeback, and to make things easy for you if you can‘t get to Camden Market anytime soon, we’ve found loads available on the net, from Carebears to Betty Boop, Star Wars to David & Goliath.

Fast Food, Music or Rainbow laces $6 each at Fred Flare (pictured above)
Glow in the dark Star Wars logo laces $4.99 Hot Topic
Pink 'Kitty Face' laces $2.99 Hot Topic
South Park 'Drugs Are Back, Mmkay?' Mr Mackay laces $4.99 Hot Topic
'Action Not Glamour' word laces $3.25 Sticker Sisters
Betty Boop classic laces $5.95 Old Glory
Rolling Stones Tongue laces $5.95 Old Glory
Care Bears Grumpy bear laces $5.95 Old Glory

Masters Of The Universe 'He-Man' laces $5.95 Old Glory
David & Goliath 'Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them' laces $5.95 Old Glory