Of all the shows I've been to so far, Bora Aksu's sticks in my mind the most where shoes are concerned (and clothes, but that's a different story). There was one predominant style replayed in different variations on every model. It was a casual boot which, depending on the height of the model, hit somewhere between calf and knee, in brown leather with a wraparound section that buckled over the top - think of those fur shoe wraps you can currently buy, but in leather. The shoe underneath was high-heeled, but with the wrap worn low down, they looked like slouchy wedges. A unique combination of pirate boot, work boot and cowboy boots (or 'arrrggh, ooh arrrr, yee ha!' if you want me to be clever) and no doubt soon to be seen on Kate, Sienna and the boho brigade. So much nicer than Mukluks. Pictures can be found here.