--- due to the lack of visible shoes at the Academy Awards, we interrupt our usual shoe-shaped schedule for a fashion update (read: rant) from our editor ---

I always disagree with the E! Fashion Police. Every year, every award ceremony, they pick out all my favourite outfits and trash them completely. I've taken that to mean one of two things...

a) I have no style or
b) they have no style.

Of course, there is always hidden option...

c) Variety is the spice of life (and Brits never like the showy stuff Americans go for)

Whichever way, I was shocked to see them berating the choices of Cate Blanchett and Drew Barrymore this year (though I have to agree on Gisele 'I wore my bedlinen' Bundchen). And is it just me, or did Charlize Theron look a bit like she belonged on top of a toilet roll? As for Gwyneth, we still await the day she finds an Oscar dress that actually fits her on the chest.