Oscar4 Elton John's Oscar Party, the place for proper Oscar gossip. Forget the uber celebs strutting down the red carpet in dresses so long you can't see their shoes. Here is where you'll find the Hollywood brats, teen stars, Desperate Housewives and Darius-dating actresses with shoes you can see. I never thought I'd ever say this on Shoewawa, but Christina Aguilera, we love you (and your gorgeous silver strappies)! It's just a shame Natalie Cole didn't check with Christina first, or this wardobe mishap wouldn't have happened. At the risk of flogging a large dead horse, 'to copy this strappy shoe look' (deja vu, anyone?) these 'Nadeen' shoes from Claudia Ciuti ($253) are just the ticket. And just for fun, I picked the gold ones.

And just for fun, here's a picture of Paris Hilton looking a teensy bit chubby.