Quite a few of you have been in touch recently to complain about the lack of decent footwear for ladies with petite feet, so we've put together a comprehensive guide to buying shoes for small feet, here (updated 2013).

It's true that most shoe designers seem to believe we're all a UK size 4+, or if we have tiny feet, we also lack any kind of style whatsoever. But there are gorgeous shoes for small feet around: you just need to look around a little. So what are Shoewawa's tips for finding good shoes in small sizes?

  shoes small feet.jpg

- When searching for shoes, don't overlook teen-orientated shops if you're looking for young, fashionable trend shoes. Tammy have a good range of trend shoes in very small sizes (in fact they only go up to a size 5), and make great jewelled flats, cheap trainers and summer sandals. They're also good in winter for boots on a budget.

-Try catalogues. Again, there are decent teen ranges in catalogues like Additions Direct and Littlewoods, and many of the catalogues aimed at slightly older women (Marshall Ward, for example) carry shoes in smaller sizes, usually from a 2 or 3 upwards. La Redoute also have a good range of teen shoes, and are particularly good for great flip-flops in small sizes.

- I'm sure you know this one already, but when shopping for sports shoes, look in the juniors section (boys or girls). Don't be embarassed about having to buy from the 'kids' range. There's usually very similar styles to the adult ranges (especially from brands like Nike, Reebok and so on) and you'll save yourself quite a lot of money, as in the UK children's shoes are VAT free (meaning an automatic 17.5% saving).

- Know which brands to buy online. Freed of London ( available at Zappos) stock dancing shoes in a UK 3 and above. Bally make some styles in a US 3.5 (around a UK 2) and above, and Naturalizer (also at Zappos) make shoes in a US 4 and above.

- Don't think you can't buy designer. Just like with clothing (which starts at ridiculous zero-sizing) a lot of designer shoes come in petite sizes, with many designers starting their shoe sizing range with US 3 or 4. Good designer ranges to try are Guiseppe Zanotti, Roberto Cavalli or Stuart Weitzman.

- Shop online! Try these websites: