Diamond Any shoe fan will know of the notorious Stuart Weitzman Oscar shoes. Each year a hand-picked 'Cinderella' (aka a B' lister) gets to wear a pair of dream shoes to the awards. Last year it was Alison Krauss in a pair of $2 million diamond sandals (left). This year it was reported early on that Halle Berry would be the lucky lady who got to wear the next pair, but that was denied (she's too famous, apparently). Then, in an act that mimicked the events of a couple of years ago when the Weitzman 'Ruby Slippers' were withdrawn in respect for the Iraq war, this year's shoes were also withdrawn as a mark of respect for the many lives lost in the Tsunami disaster (something a jewel-laden Beyonce obviously didn't feel was necessary). The question is, were they really withdrawn because we guessed who was wearing them? Halle could have done with a bit of publicity like this after the Catwoman fiasco, after all.