Fugly02_1A big apology to you all that you had to wait an extra day for the Ugly Shoe this week (come on, you know you love it!). What with the big news from camp Shiny, we completely forgot Thursday was also fugly hunting day. So to make up for it today, we've got not one but five pairs of ugly shoes for you to yelp in horror at. Enjoy!

Candies Camille $19.95
- Let's just say it's obvious why these shoes have been drasticallyreduced and are still not selling!

Jelly Shoes in the style of Ashlee Simpson £18
- Jelly shoes. In the style of Ashlee Simpson. Opaque white. Pointed. Eighteen Pounds! So many different kinds of wrong we've lost count.

rsvp - Maribeth $44.95
A case of too much in one shoe. The buckle, the trim, the shiny patent finish, the turned up front...calm it down a bit!

Rockport Nautical Mile (Preppy Pink/Preppy Green) $73.95
- We have no problem with deck shoes in theory. They have their time and place. However, these ones look a bit too much like a Maybelline Mascara for our liking.

Ikon Hype Ice Unisex £44.95
- Though these aren't particularly disgusting, there is just no excuse for unisex shoes, ever.