If you've been good little girls (and boys) and taken my advice to visit Bayraider after you've had your shoe fix, you'll probably have a taste for weird, funny and odd eBay auctions. If not, never fear, you soon will. We're always amazed during searches of eBay of the lengths some people go to in order to sell their tat. In celebration of the newest blog to join the Shiny family, this week our eBay watch is a look at the funniest shoe auctions going. Not all the shoes are bad, but some of the spelling is. Get ready for the most fasionable **~genuine authentic~** exeptional designer ladys diamonte strapy sandles ever. Oh yes.

Ebayfug Sexy Celebrity Sandle with Jewels
Stunning diamonte berkenstock style sandle
Authentic River Island shoes (minty condition)
(would someone sell 'fake' River Island shoes?)
'Louis Vuitton' toe-post mules (genuine fakes)
Christian Dior rare logo rasta mules
(did Galliano really stoop this low?)

By the way, we know everyone spells the odd thing wrong, and we're well aware that we're guilty of a typo or twelve, and of talking up slightly dull shoes like they're the most amazing thing ever. Feel free to poke fun at us, too.