Selve_1Selve is a company that manage to solve almost every shoe problem going. If you have trouble finding shoes that fit, they're the people to go to. If you constantly find yourself liking a shoe but hating the heel, they're the people to go to. If you wish you could have a certain shoe in a different fabric, they're the people to go to. This is a company that lets you design your own shoe, and then tailors it to fit your feet. What could be better?

As you'd expect from a tailor-made shoe company, Selve cater for a wide range fo sizes from a UK 2 to 9.5. When you order your first pair of shoes, you go to their shoe lounge, where your feet are measured at 5 different points using a 3D scanner to ensure a perfect fit.

Once you're measured, it's your chance to turn designer. Selve have a good range of classic and seasonal designs to suit everyone, but you're not stuck with their specific design idea. First of all, you can select your heel. Do you want a stiletto? A wedge? A chunky square heel? The choice is yours.

Next comes the colour, fabric and print. Each shoe is separated into sections that you can customise to suit your own taste, choosing from the vast range of fabrics and colours that Selve have to offer. You could go for kiwi snakeskin with a gold lining, or how about Cognac nappa lined with cream leather? The combinations are endless, and when your shoe has various sections, you can pick multiple fabrics for a really unique look.

Finally, you can choose the sole to suit. From heavy rubber grip soles (great for driving shoes) to classic leather soles (for gorgeous evening shoes), there's one to suit your shoe, and Selve will help advise if you're stuck.

Once you've finished playing Manolo, yours shoes will be made up for you within around 21 days. Prices aren't cheap,  but considering the personalised service you're getting, they're surprisingly reasonable, around the same as a pair of designer shoes (from £150 for a pair of shoes to £300+ for boots).