Cb01_1Cowboy boots have been causing a bit of a stir around Shiny Towers of late. Certain members of our team (men, what do they know?) reckon they just don't work with bare legs, and thus should be resigned to the back of the wardrobe the moment skirts come out. Which would be all well and good had I not spent the previous weekend in a gypsy skirt and...cowboy boots. As much as I try to be sophisticated, the Sienna inside of me just won't let go of boho just yet. Especially since Cowboy boots are so comfy.

Since we can't agree on this subject, I'm turning it over to you. I have a feeling this might turn into a bit of a debate, least of all because I got a question today about (you've guessed it) where to buy Cowboy boots...

"Gemma, I know it's the wrong time of year, but my mum and I are on the hunt for a pair of cowboy boots. We'd like them in a dark brown, size 8 with a low heel. If you have any suggestions on where to look to avoid getting orange coloured ones, I'd really appreciate it!" -  Loz

So I'm not the only one who's clinging on to the hopes that this trend will continue through the Summer (let's face it, I have to wear mine now just to make a point)! Before I go off searching for boots, here's Shiny's highly unbiased 'Cowboy Boots: The Pros and Cons'...


- They're comfortable
- They're perfect for the boho look
- They go with skirts and jeans
- Sienna Miller wears them, and she pulled Jude Law!
- You can wear them all day long
- They fit even if you have big calves / ankles
- They hurt if you kick a stupid man with them (!)
- They get better with age
- Hello? Cowboys!


- They may be comfy but they look stupid
- Let's face it, they're a one-season fad
- They don't go with skirts or jeans
- Everyone looks like Sienna clones now. Get over it.
- They look stupid all day long
- They make your legs look chunky
- You'll kick yourself in 6 months time
- You never know who had those 'vintage' ones before you
- There ain't no Cowboys in Birmingham, love!

And now for those shopping finds, especially for Loz...


If you're looking for classic, western-style cowboy boots, I think the nicest brown ones that are easily available in a size 8 come from Look Again. They're pretty pricey at £99, but they're leather, they're stitched and not embossed, and they have a 3" heel. Buy them here.


I also love Faith's 'Ruffian' (in fact, I'm tempted to get myself a pair). They're made from a beautiful worn leather and have a straight top and slightly longer length, more like a knee-high with a Cowboy influence than a proper Cowboy boot. They're £50 in the sale, which is also far more affordable than the others. Buy them here.


Another Faith boot is 'Ranch', a dark brown leather cowboy boot with braiding up the side. At £75 they're pricier than the 'Ruffian' style, and not quite as nice, but they are a more classic 'cowboy' style. They also come in an amazing bronze colour (shown at the top of this post) which is reduced down to £40. Buy them here.


For a smarter look, Bronx's 'Eastwood Diamante Harness' boots are just that -  diamante studded boots based on the 'harness' style. They're leather, and come in various colours (including dark brown) for £119 at Schuh. Buy them here.


Finally, Office's 'Calamity Jane' knee-high cowboy boots come in black or tan leather or beige suede for £40. The tan shade does have a red / orange tinge to it, but this boot isn't as cheap-looking as many of the alternatives, and at £40, these are the cheapest of the bunch. Buy them here.

So there you have it. You've heard both sides of the story and you've seen the evidence. Now it's time to decide. Cowboy boots - yee ha! or nuh-uh?

This is an old post! Still looking for cowboy boots? Try our amazing visual search for some of the best buys!