PomeloMommy Shoewawa got all excited the other day when she thought she'd scooped me. "Hey, have you heard about that flip-flop website?" She asked me. A flip-flop website. That really narrowed it down. "Funky flip-flops?" I replied, choosing the obvious option.  "Oh, maybe?" She said. "The girls at work were telling me about it..."

"Yes. It'll probably be funky flip-flops." I told her. "They've had a bit of press recently."
"They went on holiday and she couldn't find any flip-flops..." she started,
"So they recognised a niche and decided to start selling them." I finished. "It's funky flip-flops, definitely."
"I thought it might be something for Shoewawa." She smiled.

Well, she was right there. The basic idea of this site is that you can get flip-flops (and other holiday things) all year round, which suits those posh people who go off to exotic places in the middle of winter (and only serves to rub it in to those of us who're stuck in rainy, cold Blighty). Obviously, it doesn't seem such an amazing idea at this time of year, when every shoe shop under the sun is attempting to flog you fake birkenstocks and polka-dot foam flip-flops, but when you go on that Mediterranean mini-break in November you'll thank me for pointing them out. They stock some unusual, hard-to-find brands, though surprisingly there's not a pair of Havaianas in sight. The lime green Pomelo 'slip' flip-flops are £25, and the brand is exclusive to funkyflipflops online.

And I think I've just broken the record for number of uses of the word 'flip-flop' in a single blog post.