Mrshr_1 "Mrs HR is looking for a classic strappy silver sandal with a 3" heel (and under £50). We have drawn a blank, despite searching the high street, the web and ebay.Any suggestions? You are our only hope" - Paul
When the web and the high street draw a blank, turn to the catalogues. Despite its frumpy reputation, Littlewoods is actually really good for classic styles - this 'Pavarotti' sandal and bag set is only £29. The heel is 2 and 3/4 inches, so not exactly right, but this is the closest I could get for the price. I do have a couple of other alternatives, though...

Another Littlewoods find, these Amanda Wakeley-designed sandals are slightly pricier at £39, and have a 3 and a half inch heel, and a bit of diamante trim on the straps.

These interlaced sandals have been featured on Shoewawa before, but they're worth a mention because I'm sure Mrs HR would love to have some Manolo's in her wardrobe! Ok, they're not actually Manolo's, but they're such a good copy you wouldn't know the difference until you got close. They're £35 from ASOS and have a killer 4 inch heel. Lovely though, aren't they?