Blue1 Whilst some may argue that the best plans are those that are thought out, I'd have to beg to differ. Take this post for instance. Never had I actually thought "hey, it'd be a great idea to do an extended post on my favourite blue shoes". The way it came about was much more simple. The reasoning behind this post is thus: I noticed a lot of the shoes I was liking happened to be blue, so instead of putting up lots of separate posts, I figured it'd be easier to group them all together. Logic seems to have - finally - entered the building.


Lumiani Gabblo. $32.95.

- A bargain price (that's only just over £15 in UK money!) for a simple but pretty sandal.


Ajana from French Connection. £50.

- To me, this is the perfect summer mule. Bright, fun colours coupled with a realistic price tag.


Gina 'Gilda'. £650.

- Gina + sparkles + blue colouring = the dream blue shoe.


Kit T-Bar Vintage Shoes. £17.

- This seems to be the perfect combination of two up and coming trends: T-bar shoes and snakeskin effect.


Bongo Meshed Up. $34.95.

- Interesting mesh detail on these cheap as chips kitten heels.


'Polly' from Luc Bergen. £79.

- Featured on Shoewawa before, we still love these as much as the day we first discovered them.


Marc Jabocs Polka Dot Mouse Flats. Via £225.

- Something so quaint and cute about these Marc Jacob's flats.


Faith 'Lima'. £35.

- Go ethnic and low key with these lovely low heel mules.


Stuart Weitzman Dawner Light Blue Print Heels. $99.

- No shoe rundown would be complete without some pointy shoes and these are on sale.


Hype Harriet Round Toe Dress Shoes. $113.95.

- A nice simplistic but detail-heavy court to finish.

[Toni Stokes]