Faith1 You know the old saying "have a little faith"? Well, so far in my life I've expanded on that theory and made it: "have a lot from Faith". Okay, so in a perfect world we'd all wear Manolo's and Gina's, our bags would be genuine Chloe Silverado's, our make up would always be Yves Saint Laurent and we'd have the latest mini iPod situated in our pockets as we drove around in our Jags. Sadly, unless you invent something, have a rich father who invented something or marry a man who can make sense of the stock market, it just isn't possible. So us mere mortals must love high street darlings Faith, for providing us with gorgeous shoes at realistic prices. We love them even more when they drop the price of their 'Loveand' sandal from £60 to £35. [Toni Stokes]