Charm_2 You're probably going to need to take a look at these in their full size to understand what I'm trying to say. As all thoughts turn to this autumn and winter, anything with charms on it seems to be proving a popular look for the year's coldest months. However, I'm not entirely convinced that this look from Giuseppe Zanotti is quite what you want to be going for. Their formula for this sandal seems to have been: take one boring, average black ankle-strap sandal, realise how boring it is, glance through the fashion pages of a magazine, see charms everywhere, stick some charms on to make your boring sandal fashionable. This look isn't particularly subtle. It'll cost you $695, when you could just as easily buy a cheap sandal, then a cheap charm necklace and go mad with some glue and create the same look. [Toni Stokes]