Hi! I'm a huge fan of your blog, but I was wondering if you can point out any trendy, but still relatively cheap, boots for those of us who live in, say, snowy Canada and need something for trekking across the snow. All the boots I like seem to be suede or leather! -

Erin, I'm sorry! I do have a tendency to forget not all Shoe fans live in the kind of climate that suits impractical shoes! Luckily for you, moon boots are still stylish this season and you're one of the few who can actually wear them with a valid reason! Various designers have come up with insulated boots sky-high prices (the Dior ones above are US$295). but for something more affordable, eBay is full of Gola's pink design from last season (centre). Most of the auctions ship worldwide and the boots are selling for about CAN$70. Don't expect them to be as hardwearing as the proper snow shoes you'll get in specialist shops, but they're a lot more exciting! If you need something more practical, the black Baffin boots are available at SoftMoc for US$55.