You may have noticed there've been fewer posts than usual this week - and now I can reveal why. We've been getting ready for the launch of yet another fab new Shiny Media blog! Trashionista is a fun and frank look at the world of women's fiction - from classics to chick lit and everything in between. We're tired of reviewers dismissing everything with a pastel cover as 'fluff', and we're bored of reading reviews written by people who haven't even read the book. The Trashionista crew actually read the books before they write about them, and also bring you news on the top authors, new releases and movie tie-ins. We don't think 'chick lit' is a dirty word - but if a book is trash, we'll definitely let you know!

As if that wasn't enough for you, those super Shiny peeps haven't stopped there. Also joining the line-up today are HDTV, Britain's first website devoted to bringing you all the news on High Definition TV, and the fantastic Pop Junkie, which dishes up reviews on great lost pop albums - those forgotten releases that should have been number one. Music fans won't want to miss out on that one! / /