Sheepskin has been popping up on boots for a long time, but never so much as last winter, where every high street store was flogging fake uggs to unsuspecting teenagers. The time for tucking your jeans into slipper-esque boots is over, but sheepskin continues to be a big footwear trend in a subtler way, being used to trim more classic styles. Miu Miu's gorgeous leather boots (second from left) were mentioned on Shoewawa a few weeks ago, and we still can't get them out of our mind. At £370 they're a serious investment, but you'll definitely get the wear out of them once the temperature drops. If your budget won't stretch to that, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives popping up all over the place. Type Z's stretch 'Avio' boot (second from right) is a slightly more casual version for $204.95, while NaNa's 'Rae' boot (right) has all the style elements of the Miu Miu at a lower price ($135), and comes in a gorgeous mahogany colour. But top of the list is the amazing bargain version from Faith (left).'Message' is real leather with a funky buckle detail over the sheepskin trim, and it comes in at only £85.