Ok, shoe fans. I've found you purple suede boots, I've scoured the 'net for the last few pairs of Amerie's Gucci shoes, and I've sought out the funkiest snow shoes. Now it's your turn to help me. I'm giving you a rare peek into my shoe collection today. I don't usually do this (too scared of a "she wears those and then tries to give us advice" backlash...) but I'm desperate. I'm off to a wedding tomorrow and I can't decide which shoes to wear. They both go with my outfit, so now I need your help. Do I go for the peep-toe snakeskin heels or the toe-cleavage D'Orsays? More pictures behind the cut...


Not a word about my cankles, thank you very much!

So, which ones should I wear? I'm counting on you ladies (and gents)!