You recently posted on the newly-revamped site for New Look. I'd love a pair of those faux-fur trimmed wedgie "pirate boots" from them, but I'm in the states and they don't offer online shopping, Can you suggest some substitutes? Faux-fur-trimmed, please, and not necessarily a wedge but pretty please, a block heel or kitten heel, no stilettos.
- Lily

Lily, I must confess you stumped me a bit here! I found it very difficult to find anything in the US that was exactly like those New Look boots. I did find a few alternatives, though. Rocket Dog's 'Ezumo' ($93.95) has the same wedgie shape with a fur and toggle trim all the way down. Bongo's 'Hurricane' ($58.95) is the same shape as the New Look boot, but with a cream trim rather than black. For something very wintery (and cheap) Go Jane's brown fur-trimmed 'Oasis' boot ($33.99) is sweet, but that platform and heel might be a bit much. Finally, the fur-trimmed quilted wedge boot is from Marc Jacobs and also comes in black. It's the priciest option at $340.