Siennaboots2You thought it was safe, didn't you? You thought Ugg boots were finally over, and we could all sleep soundly. Alas, not any more. They're back, and this time they have lacing! Ever since Sienna Miller was spotted wearing these black suede 'Nomad' Uggs, people have been coveting them. They're £179 from Coco Ribbon, but you'll need to get your skates on. Sienna's black ones are sold out, but there are other colours still available in some sizes. And while we're on the subject of Ms Miller, friend of Shoewawa Coco (who tipped me off on this story) has news of the much-admired grey tied ankle boots Sienna wore a while back...

UPDATE: Coco Ribbon have now sold out of all the Nomad boots. Please stop emailing me asking where I can find them! The Shoewawa inbox is getting a bit flooded, and I haven't found another stockist. Check back to the site every now and then - the moment I know something I'll let you know!

Sienna's grey ankle boots with the ties around the ankles, which many of you have emailed me to ask about, were apparently designed by Annette Oliveri and were sold at a fantastic boutique called Euforia last season for around £180 - £200.

Since they're old stock, they're impossible to find now, but the folks at Euforia reckon that if enough people are desperate to get their hands on the boots and are willing to put up the cash, the designer might make a few more pairs. Sienna's have been worn to death, so perhaps she needs a new pair too? If you're genuinely interested in getting hold of some, leave a note here or drop me a line. If enough people are interested, maybe some more boots will be made available. No promises, though!   [sorry guys - your deadline has been and gone now. No more boots!]

[Thanks to this super Sienna site for the photo of Sienna in her grey boots]