SbootsI am desperately seeking a pair of brown leather knee-high boots. I was once in love with Chloe's buckled knee-highs but couldn't save up enough to get them! So I'm after knee-highs in dark brown with a mid heel, a rounded toe and most importantly... a sexy slouch (so they might fall to mid calf)! I'm willing to pay for quality but not quite Chloe prices! - Ilisha
I've got four alternatives for you, Ilisha, all brown, all slouchy and all (hopefully) in your price range. Some are suede and some are leather, but they all fit your specifications perfectly so I'm confident you'll like at least one pair! Read on for the list...

Bronx Shoes 12347 'Dylan' - $162,95
- These are probably the closest in style to the Chloe boots, in a great antique look leather with some buckles at the top. The heels are the only thing that you might dislike. They'd probably look at lot better in stacked wood, but this way they're  hard-wearing and comfy, which is a definite plus.

Via Spiga 'Russo' - $272.95
- The priciest boots in the list, these suede slouches have a great sturdy high heel and tab detail at the top. The look is slightly western and you said in your email you weren't fond of cowboy boots, but the detailing on these is so subtle I thought they were worth mentioning.

'Somethin Else' by Skechers 'Pivots' $80
- A great bargain for only $80, if you're not feeling too flush this month I'd recommend these babies from Skechers fashion footwear range. They're not going to lasy as long as some of the others, but they have everything you asked for and cost less than $100. Who can argue with that.

Firetrap Leaf Boots - $264.10
- These are actually sold out in most sizes, but ASOS quite often get more stock in so I though they were worth point out. I love the cutout detail on these leather slouch boots, and the heel is the perfect size and height for walking in all day. They do work out quite pricey with the currency exchange, but ASOS's international shipping prices are surprisingly cheap, so it all cancels out.