FergieCould you try to find out where Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas got the shoes she wears in the video for 'My Humps'? They're black high heeled open toes, with a big pink ribbon bow on the back of them. - Nicola
Well, Nicola, you didn't say please, but I had a look for you anyway! Typically, today is the one day those lovely lady lumps aren't all over the TV every time I switch on the music channels, so I can't check, but it sounds like Fergie's shoes might be these Brian Atwood numbers. His shoes are quite difficult to find in the UK but you can try Browns in London. Otherwise, these are stocked at Saks for $645 if you happen to have a nice Yank friend who'll post them over to you, or use a service like Access USA.