GlitlucyI am trying to find a pair of shoes similar/the same as Lucy Pargeter wore on 2 episodes on "Soapstar Superstar".  They were like these from Schuh, but pink.  I have trawled the ITV website, but can't find a piccy of the exact pair of shoes, sorry! I would really like to find these, as I NEED a pair of pink shoes for my 30th birthday in March. - Emily
No probs, I was glued to the telly last week too (I'm so Low Culture)! If I'm not mistaken, the shoes you're looking for are these babies from Moda in Pelle, which are £79.99 at Viva La Diva. I know a lot of readers will be jumping up and down going "they sell those shoes in New Look for about £20!" and indeed they do, but not in pink, if I remember, so you'll have to pay more for the girly factor. But it's your birthday, so you can treat yourself guilt-free!