HwblueShoewawa readers are stylish folks, and last week many of you jumped at the chance to show how fashion savvy you are by picking the perfect ensemble to compliment Chloe's clumpy pewter platforms. Our favourite outfits have just gone up over at Catwalk Queen. 'Play The Shoe Stylist' is now going to be a weekly feature (on a Tuesday - it's late this week because of yesterday's Valentines theme). This week I'd love to see what you come up with to go with these Hollywould sandals ($495). Read on for more details...

PLAY THE SHOE STYLIST - what's it all about?

- Take over the site! Style an outfit to go with the shoe we've chosen
- We won't pick 'easy' shoes, they'll always be a bit unusual or unique
- Post details of your outfit as a comment on this post. No need to email!
- Include links to each item so we can see what you're talking about
- Make sure your outfit isn't similar / the same as any other suggestions
- Our favourite outfits will be displayed on Catwalk Queen the following week
- Everyone will know how fabulously stylish you are!

There are no prizes for this at the moment, it's just a bit of fun. If it takes off, we might see about getting some goodies for those who come up with the very best outfits. It all depends on how much you love this feature!