PtsminetteApologies to you all for having to wait two weeks for the results of the last Play The Shoe Stylist challenge. With all the Oscars coverage last week, there was no time to compile the results. But we're back, and a selection of gorgeous outfits submitted for challenge #4 are posted over at Catwalk Queen now. Your new shoe for this week is Minette's £80 'Magnolia' Mary-Jane. I told you I wouldn't make it easy! Pick an outfit to compliment this shoe, and let us know your choices by leaving a comment. I'm changing the submission rules a bit this time to make it easier on all of us, so please read on for details...

One problem I'm facing when viewing your outfits is that many of the links aren't working correctly. A lot of online shops use frames and flash that make it difficult to link to items, so PLEASE check the links work before you post them. You can still submit your outfit in the usual way, by posting each individual link in a comment but for an even better chance of having your outfit featured, try one of the following:

Make up the image ready!
If you're a whizz with a graphics program, save me loads of time by making up a graphic showing your outfit. Take a look at the way I do it on Catwalk Queen for inspiration. Remember to include the shoe in the graphic, and put your name somewhere on it too. Your graphics must be no wider than 450 pixels and the filesize no larger than 150kb. Email it to me at, and let me know where each item came from (just in case anyone asks).

Use photobucket (or similar)
A few of you clever folks did this last week and it's a great idea. Free image hosting sites like photobucket and imageshack allow you to upload pictures to their space for free, and then give you the links for them, which you can then post as a comment here instead of links to shop websites. This way, I'm guaranteed to get the right picture for each item, and it won't disappear because it's sold out.

A re-cap of the original rules:

- Take over the site! Style an outfit to go with the shoe we've chosen
- We won't pick 'easy' shoes, they'll always be a bit unusual or unique
- Post details of your outfit as a comment on this post, or email a SINGLE graphic.
- Include links to each item so we can see what you're talking about
- Make sure your outfit isn't similar / the same as any other suggestions
- Our favourite outfits will be displayed on Catwalk Queen the following week
- Everyone will know how fabulously stylish you are!

Happy styling, shoe fans!