EarthaztecI first talked about Earth shoes from many moons ago, when the idea of a cellulite busting shoe was still a fledgling idea. Since then, Earth have gone from strength to strength. Their shoes can help improve posture, banish cellulite, ease back pain and even help you lose weight. It sounds too good to be true, but fans rave about the results. It's all because of negative heel technology, which sets your heel lower than the rest of the foot, aligning the spine and forcing you to stand properly (and thus walk properly). For this season, there are are some surprisingly good trend-lead styles to choose from - grecian sandals, strappy metallics and my favourites, these Miu-Miu esque 'aztec' flip-flops (£79.99 from They might not be cheap, but if they help you feel confident in your bikini, it's a small price to pay!