"Ms S, I crave a wellington boot that is glamorous and blends with my vintage-chic winter coat. I've searched high and low but all I find are hideous fluorescent patterned numbers or floral hell. As an extra challenge, im slightly more well endowed in the calf department so slim fitting wellies are a no-no. The heel would need to be a typical welly-sized heel as I need to walk to work (2 miles!)" - Lou

First of all I'm sure you've tried Hunter, who are like the Manolo of wellies, as worn by every model to ever visit a music festival. I also found some good styles by Tretorn at WellieArt for £45. The girly lipstick ones would set off black and white a treat, while the 'American Sweetheart' ones come emblazoned with a Vargas-esque illustration. They're printed, but not so crazy as some of the Pucci-like styles around. Faux fur trimmed wellies are very Marc Jacobs but will set you back a little less at £35 from Funky Wellington Boots. And finally if none of these float your boat, the girls at I Am Fashion did a great post on rain shoes.