WinshoesLadies, take a deep breath. I'm about to offer you the chance to get your hands on £500 of shoe vouchers for the cost of a text message. "We've teamed up with to offer you an auction with a twist: The twist is that the LOWEST UNIQUE BID wins. That means that your bid, as well as being the lowest, has to be the only one at that price when the auction closes. So, if yours is the lowest bid amount in pence that nobody else has placed, you win the item at the price you have bid.

The winning bidder gets £500 of vouchers to spend in the shop of their choice from a list which includes Shoewawa faves like Faith, Topshop, Clarks, Selfridges, Dolcis and Ravel (where these £55 'Coleen' heels are from)...

To enter, simply text the word "SHOE" followed by your bid in pence to 80211 (eg. SHOE 134 or SHOE 97)

We will text you back with news on whether your bid is unique AND whether it's the lowest bid so far submitted. Moreover, we will send further free of charge text messages to keep you informed of the status of your bid.

Texts are charged at £1.50 plus your standard network charges. Users must be aged 16 or over to enter this competition. Entry is subject to our terms & conditions that can be found here. Winners will be required to provide proof of age and phone ownership.