I recently found a pair of grey suede pixie boots on ebay which I absolutely ADORE! Unfortunately I was outbid. I saw a pic on your website of
the grey suede ankle boots from Topshop which I also thought were very cute. Could you please, please help me find them or anything that is remotely similar. I have searched everywhere on line with no luck. - Alexi
They may not be suede, but Report's 'Rosetta' ankle boots are the right colour and very similar in shape to the Topshop boots. You could probably fold over the top to make them shorter pixie boots too. They're $172.95 at Nordstrom. The Lulu Guinness roundabout booties have a cute little drawstring ankle detail and come in grey suede for $428 at Anthropologie. They also do a wedge boot with a foldover top for $118. Finally, if you're willing to sacrifice colour for shape, the black Dolce Vita boots are almost identical to the ones you sent me a picture of, and will set you back $230 at Shopbop.