Yayornay_10Well, with Ms. Shoewawa off on her annual holiday, gallavanting around the casinos and designer outlet stores of Las Vegas, it was inevitable that something as important as Yay or Nay Wednesday would be forgotten! But not to worry, as The Bag Lady remembered, albeit 24 hours too late, and what on earth do you make of this heel? Is it tackfabulous or just plain old tacky? And what do you think of pairing it with the matching handbag over on The Bag Lady's Yay or Nay feature, which is perhaps even more hideous 'interesting' than this shoe.

You know the drill, Yay or Nay, and Why. And don't forget to vote at Trashionista, Bridalwave, Corrie Blog, Catwalk Queen, Kiss and Makeup, The Bag Lady and Shiny Shiny too!