Terraplanaboots More and more companies are waking up to the idea that not only do we want our shoes to be gorgeous, we want them to have less impact on our planet too. Terra Plana (sister company of United Nude) aims to be 'the most innovative and sustainable designer shoe brand in the world'. So, modest aspirations there then!

This week Ravel adds the Terra Plana range to their online store, and to celebrate is offering a 20% discount. I've chosen two boots to show you from their collection. First, 'Venus' long button boot with hand-stitched detailing in gunmetal (they call it blue). It's £200 and also comes in black.

'Vikki' has an amazing contrast, almost petal-style heel (makes my ankles twitch just looking at it), and is available only in the black as shown for £160. Both designs keep glue and other toxins used to a minimum and the leather is vegetable-tanned. They're available in the US direct from the Terra Plana website, where, oddly, 'Venus' is called 'Viana' ($356), and 'Vikki' is known as 'Aspen' ($335).