blythe%20dice.jpgThis week, we're giving you TWO opportunities to vote... and we know you're out there! If we get less than, say, 40 votes then... Um... The shoes will get it! (Okay, okay, we wouldn't really hurt the shoes, but we love getting your votes! Don't shoot the messenger!!)

A few days ago, I wrote about The Scariest Boots on Earth - Irregular Choice's 'Blythe Chikuku' - and most of you agreed that they were pretty frightening. These boots are from the same range, and I was interested to see what you thought. Are they as scary as their their sister, or as cute as a button? Yay or Nay and why?

p.s. Last week's Yay or Nay - Miu Miu's 'Mermaid Brooch' shoes, £255 at Net-A-Porter - had an even spread of votes, so it seems they'll just have to stay on the boat - no swimming with dolphins or getting tossed overboard this week, I'm afraid!

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