It's time to learn a bit more about the girls who make Shoewawa possible. This time, meet Andrea (who's currently running herself ragged at New York Fashion Week)...

andrea.jpgName: Andrea Kiliany Thatcher

Shiny Job: US Correspondent

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA


Background: Bored with covering school board meetings, I left news writing to try to establish a freelance fashion/beauty writing career with the ultimate goal of working from home in my pajamas (and fabulous heels). I have a full-time copywriting gig for a television/internet retailer and am the beauty editor for I married my soul mate when I found the man who would allow me to take up the whole master closet and lay out my shoes as if on display.

Shoe size: US 7.5

Approx number of pairs of shoes owned: 55, not including grungy sneakers or flip flops

Best shoe purchase ever: Sample sale Marc Jacobs silver strappy heels for $50!

Favorite shoe brands / designers: Fantasy: Christian Louboutin, Prada, Manolo, Hollywould, Chloe. Real life: Almost anything at Macy's.

Top shoe shopping secret: When shoe shopping, just think realistically if you have a shoe in your closet that already fills the same purpose. If so, pass. Does the purchase excite you? Can you already picture what you're going to wear them with? If not, save your money for a purchase you're genuinely head over heels (HA!) in love with. You'll be glad.

And, remember, shoes never make you feel fat.