yaynay69.jpgIt seems that the conceptual marriage of 'perspex' and 'shoes' isn't as clear an issue as you'd expect it to be! Last week's Yay or Nay had you all divided, with some of you Yay-ing perspex heels but Nay-ing its use in shoe uppers, while others loved or hated the trend entirely. With such varied division, we're going to call it a tie!

This week's offering is an '80s styled throwback - snakeskin-and-leather elasticated boots. To truly judge them, though, you need to see them from every angle, so we're giving it away this week: They're by Lotus, and are currently available at ASOS. But what do you think? Are they fabulous footwear, or the leather equivalent of 'puffa' boots? Yay or Nay and why?

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