my%20boots.bmp Ladies, I'm definitely aware that sometimes you love the shoes I talk about here at Shoewawa, and sometimes you are horrified and alarmed at what I dare to present to you. So, I feel a bonding session is in order, and one thing that we can all agree on is that every woman, shoe lover or not, has a favourite pair of shoes. Perhaps they're comfortable, perhaps they go with everything, are individual, were limited editions, are quirky, maybe they epitomise your personal style or maybe you just have particularly happy memories wearing them.

I own too many pairs of shoes. There are many, many in my wardrobe, dotted around the house and even in the back of my car when I've had trouble deciding which to go for so have had to take a number of options to see me through until the last minute. I'm so indecisive that at times I've even returned to my car after 10 minutes to do a quick costume/footwear change...Oh - is that just me?! Some of them were expensive, many of them practically cripple me on a daily basis, but I do have my favourites.

my%20boots.bmp Ladies, meet my (exceedingly old) vintage brown leather boots. I know they aren't the prettiest footwear in the world, but I absolutely adore them - far more than any of my slingbacks, peep-toes, wedges, flats or sandals.

I'd love to have a fabulous story behind them - for example that I was on holiday doing shoe research and found them in a little boutique where I got talking to the owner. We then discovered a shared love and adoration of all footwear, so I was given them for free, with an invite to return for more whenever I want. The truth? I nicked 'em from my mum.

Robbing my mother of her shoes is certainly not something that I usually do. Primarily because if I was borrowing anything, it would be a more safe option, i.e. her jewellery, but also due to the fact that she has never needed any encouragement to try and get me to dress like her anyway which I try to avoid. It was only when I started wearing them and getting the odd compliment (generally positive, although once I was asked where my horse was waiting for me) that I started to fall in love with them. With the little wooden stacked heel and buttery soft leather, I absolutely live in them during the winter.

They've survived a number of Scottish downpours and are particularly suited to long and drawn out shopping trips. They've also made it through having to be repaired about a million times due to the fact that I drag my feet when walking, thus scuffing and ruining the sole and heel regularly. Best of all though, they are incredibly comfortable. I take a UK size 6 shoe but sadly have hopelessly narrow feet so if I want the correct width I'd have to go a size or two too small, thus actually walking on/breaking my toes. I don't even share the same shoe size as the mothership but my darling, faithful boots literally do fit like a dream. Yes, they're scruffy and about a thousand years old, but I love them to bits and think the general air of messiness adds to the charm! Further adding to the mystery is the fact that they are in fact boot orphans; I have no idea who they are by, I just know that they were made in Italy - which narrows it down a lot, then!

So how about you, ladies? Which are your absolute favourite pairs of shoes? Which pair do you love so much that you plan each outting they make incredibly carefully, so much do you fear the day that they are worn beyond repair, and what makes them so special?

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