I know that in the past some of you lovely Shoewawa readers have been unsure of Beyond Skin and their high prices but I think that they're great if you really do want your shoes to be cruelty free, ethical and vegan. However, my favourite thing about the brand is the opportunity to play 'Yay! I'm a shoe designer!'! Take for example, these 'cheeky' 'Dani' peep-toe heels. At Beyond Skin I could decide to have them made from faux suede, faux leather, satin or even have a glittery look. In terms of trim, perhaps I'll go for velvet, denim or cotton drill - even faux snakeskin has been thrown into the mix! The heels are £178 which I agree certainly isn't cheap, but at least there are plenty of extras to make it worth our while!

(PS - Isn't the picture a work of art!? Look at those happy shoes frolicking by the pier, eh?!)

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