cavalli%20green.bmp Wow! I didn't expect to see Roberto Cavalli's name when I decided to take a quick look at the new stock at ASOS! I was always a bit dubious about Cavalli until the Sex and the City episode where Carrie doesn't want to get rid of her Cavalli top. In her wardrobe I thought it was completely bizarre but actually, on her at the end of the episode, it worked. Since then, I've tried not to write his designs off as too flashy or too much, without giving them a second chance. Having said that, these peep-toe sandals aren't too flashy or over the top at all, in fact they're really quite wearable - although not very affordable! They're available in sizes UK 3-6 for £340 and there's a choice of patent green or blue leather. What do you think?

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