spat.jpgOk, spats have been mentioned on Shoewawa before, and they garnered the general reaction of 'ick, horrid', so you'll have to excuse me when I say that I am in love with these spats by Posso. In fact I love them so much that if it were possible I would marry them. Yep, I said it! Made from luxury Italian leather with a bendable internal wire structure, they can be added to any kind of shoe you're determined to jazz up, which includes that dated pair of boots in your wardrobe you're determined not to throw out because they were 75% off at Kurt Geiger. Choose from cream, grey, glitzy gold, or these black croc-skin spats that transform the simple silver sandals in the picture into gladiator-esque winged creations (just ignore the fact that the models standing on a toilet). They're pricy at $240 to $290 available at but damn are they cool, anyone out there agree with me?

An ugly shoe play... | Yay or Nay Wednesday
| 'Victoria' panelled ankle boots from Shellys