Hello shoe fiends, fans, haters, random surfers, googlers and stalkers*,

Next Monday I'll be jumping on a plane and disappearing off on holiday for just over two weeks. I tell you this not because I think you care about the goings on in my life, but because it may mean a slightly quieter Shoewawa while I'm gone. Hopefully the others will pick up my slack, but there are only so many hours in the day. As you probably know, it takes a team of shoe fans - some of them stiletto hounds, others flattie fans, some high street inspired, some designer whores - to put together this site. With at least ten updates a day from across the world, a lot of work goes into bringing you what I hope is a good mix of content to suit every taste. You might love the celeb shoes, you might be more of a fan of Ugly Shoe Of The Week. Maybe you come here because you like to drool over designer shoes, or perhaps you just like to see what awful shoes writer X has decided to rave about this week...

...whatever the reason, thanks for stopping by. I hope you continue to do so, because this site is nothing without its visitors.

One of the things we're currrently trying to do with Shoewawa in inject a bit of fun and personality back into the site. It was easy when it was just me, but now so many people are contributing it's hard to keep that fun, friendly feel to the site. The columns are a new addition - a way to better get to know the girls behind the shoes - and I think they really help. What I want to know from you guys is what else can we do to keep you entertained and involved?

Shoewawa will always be a site about shoes, mainly full of product picks and rundowns of the best (and worst) footwear out there. But if there are other things you'd like to see, now is your time to speak up. Let me know what would make Shoewawa better than it is now, and I'll go off for my two weeks in the sun and think about how I can make it happen when I get back!

Thanks for your help!

Ms Shoewawa. x

* I don't think I have a stalker, but I could be wrong.