At any given time, there's always at least one pair of shoes that I'm after. Often I spend my time saving and planning what I'd wear them with, and then when I've actually saved the money I need, I invariably see a pair of shoes that are more expensive and buy those instead (to me it's logical and I can tell myself it's a bargain). I then don't want to take the new pair back but lust after the ones I never owned, until I see a new pair and the cycle continues...

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So ladies, my question for today is this: which pair of shoes are you after at the moment? I know it's a tough decision but I thought I'd ask now, before the autumn (or fall)/winter collections start coming out in full force.

favourite%201.bmp My lusted after designer pair currently are Miu Miu's two toned patent sandals. The particularly eagle-eyed/shoe-obsessed of you will know that I've written about and gushed over these before (see link below) but they're even now in the sale, giving me no excuse not to get them. I love the rose and cream colour choices as well as the cross-over strap detail. I absolutely think they could be a life-changing shoes - they're the kind of shoes that made Prince Charming fall for Cinderella (yes - that's right, in my version of the story the glass slippers are the root of it all). They're now reduced from €305 to €198 which makes them even more perfect, if you're interested in them too!

favourite%20shoes%20high%20street.bmp My obsession for a high street pair pretty much currently centres on these All Black snakeskin flats from Urban Outfitters. Available in python or tan/gold they're reduced to US$99 and look comfortable and summery.

So ladies, what shoes are you after and why are they your must-have pair?

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