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Back in April Phillip Lim was decribed as one of the current designers to watch and I've kept my eye on him ever since. I love his 3.1 range filled with simple pretty dresses and elegant blouses, I've already planned a shopping trip (window most likely) to his first boutique in New York the next time I visit, and now I'm waiting to treat my feet with his up and coming collection for Tatami, Birkenstock's diffusion range. Over at The Fashion Informer Phillip Lim explained why he's the right person to create a collection for the sandal brand, "I love them - "I've always been obsessed with them (there is a secret hippie within me) - and I sense you're a bit of a hippie as well. Don't be shy." Sorry Phil, I'm not one for patchouli or tie dye, but I do love a pair of comfy shoes and I'm guessing they'll be the one thing I can afford with your name attached to it. I'll just have to wait until this September to get my hands on a pair when they will be available in select Birkenstock stores in Europe, Asia and America as well as his Mercer Street boutique.

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