Yesterday at Wembley Arena some of the biggest names in music (and showbiz) turned up to show their support for William and Harry (and a very good cause) at the Concert for Diana. As you can imagine, there were far more important things to be paying attention to than the shoes...but I'm very shallow like that, and I couldn't help noticing Lily Allen's fab Louboutin peep toes, Fearne Cotton's ill-advised but surprisingly fabulous mini dress and ankle boots combo, Sienna Miller's 'I put my ankle straps on the outside of my jeans' trend (you'll be seeing more of this. I know, I'm sorry) and Fergie's fab Mary-Janes, which, as Shoewawa fan Marc pointed out to me in a very sweet email, she obviously read about on this site*. All in all, the ladies were looking fabulous. The only one letting the side down was Joss Stone. Why does that girl insist on performing barefoot? Sorry honey, Sandie Shaw got there before you! [images: Getty]

*no, really.