Shoe technology is changing, changing, changing, and this is exemplified particularly by the concept behind Skins footwear. It's based around the shoe having two parts - the main structure of the shoe and the skin. This is meant to give people like you and me more choice, because we'll be able to mix and match the shoes, as well as working out as being cheaper in the long run. Click on the link to read more!

In theory, owning your own range of Skins Footwear (click here to take a look at the website) is incredibly simple. All you need to do is buy one inner support structure - the 'bone' - and then you can purchase as many outer 'skins' as you require, thus creating a number of styles from the same shoe with the same fit.

The range varies to include ballet flats, formal slip ons, tech sneakers and the materials include leather, suede, fabric and exotic skins. Taking a look at the range on the website, some styles are certainly more attractive than I expected, but I still think it's quite clear that the focus has been the concept rather than making pretty shoes for ladies. That is perhaps fair enough, but personally I would still expect something fairly special for a price of US$50 per bone and US$125-US$300 per skin. The 'Alexa' (above) is one of the prettier styles in the range, and the 'Aimee' below is one of the...erm...less feminine examples.

So ladies, what do you think? Personally I think it is a fabulous idea for those who suffer from podiatric problems as it's a great way of finding a well fitting and comfortable pair of shoes and turning it into lots of different pairs, but for fashionistas I'm not sure they'll cut the mustard. Are you more optimistic than me?

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