tony%20blair.bmp Tony Blair has suddenly gone up in my estimation! I always knew he was a shoe-loving soul (sort of) just like the rest of us here at Shoewawa and now this has been proven true. It seems that he puts his long-running reign as Prime Minister, during which he has triumphed over for Conservative and two Lib Dem leaders, not down to his own talents or even those of the people around him. Instead, he believes it's all due to his lucky shoes.

He recently revealed that he has worn the same pair of shoes to his weekly question-and-answer session in parliament since he became the Prime Minister. The magical shoes are a pair of leather Chetwynd brogues made by Church's in Northampton. They're 18 years old but have only ever been re-soled once (!!) - that's what I call good quality! As he told The Times in an interview, "I know it's ridiculous, but I've worn them for every PMQs (Prime Minister's Questions) ... I've actually had them for 18 years". He also added that he has never had three bad Prime Minster's Questions in a row, and suggested that this was at least partly due to his lucky shoes.

He shared his shoe wisdom even further by adding that "cheap shoes are a false economy". I certainly agree as although I buy many many pairs of cheap shoes I would buy many more pairs of expensive ones if I could afford it.

And, just like me and I'm sure many of you lovely ladies, Tony isn't above encouraging others to give the trusty shoe brand a try! It seems that our new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has owned a pair since the '90s, and apparently David Blunkett has revealed in the past that he had been pressured into buying a pair which he felt were "astonishingly expensive" - ah David, you have so much to learn! A spokesperson for Church's has estimated that Tony's shoes would have originally cost £150 (about US$300) when he bought them, and now would cost around £290.

Blair has now officially resigned as PM, but I'm sure his loyalties to his lucky shoes won't change!

So ladies, my shoe question today is this: what are your oldest pair of shoes, why have you kept them so long and how old exactly are they?!

[Image: Getty]
[Source: The Times]